NEVER open, take apart, or hit your PortaCharge as it contains a lithium battery.
Avoid wet or extremely hot situations with your PortaCharge as it is not waterproof and is flammable.
Your PortaCharge contains small parts and should not be used by children as it is a CHOKING HAZARD.
Your PortaCharge will take up to 1-2 hours to fully charge, but often charges much faster. It will arrive mostly charged, but for maximum power, charge it before your first use.
You can charge your PortaCharge with any USB port, from your wall outlet, to your computer, to the USB port in your car. The USB cord only fits in one way, so don’t try to force it in the wrong way.
Always start by plugging your adapter into your mobile device. From here, you can magnetically attach your PortaCharge to your phone at anytime, anywhere. If your phone doesn't start charging within a few seconds, detach your PortaCharge, rotate it 180 degrees horizontally, and then magnetically re-attach it. If you are still not seeing a charge, your adapter may be inserted incorrectly, please detach your PortaCharge and adapter, and rotate the adapter 180 degrees before reconnecting. 
Once your PortaCharge stops charging your device and your LED light blinks, remove your PortaCharge and fully charge it before next use.
Always remove your PortaCharge first by rotating it from left to right. You can then remove your adapter connector as needed by pulling it directly out in a downwards direction using the provided adapter removal tool.
Your PortaCharge will only magnetically connect to your adapter one direction. Do not force it, if it does not magnetically snap together one direction, simply flip it and try the connection on the opposite side.
Thank you so much for choosing PortaCharge.
Have a great day! :)