Hi there,

This notice is to update you regarding some delays we are experiencing across the board, as we want to be up front with all of customers and make sure everyone is properly informed. If you already received your order from us, then of course you luckily do not need to worry about these potential delays. However, if you have not received your PortaCharge package from us yet, this update may be in regards to you.

Due to many more shipments than usual this holiday season, combined with a decrease in work force due to COVID-19 safety guidelines, DHL/USPS is experiencing delivery delays across the board. Not only is this delay being experienced with DHL/USPS, but our own team is also being affected and are operating slow than usual under the current situation. Below is one single example of the kind of shipment capacity these carriers are experiencing right now.

Even though we are a small local mom-and-pop shop, I wanted to let you personally know that we are trying our absolute best that we can as a team under these current circumstances. We of course want to get your order to you as soon as possible, and we of course do not want you as a customer to experience any delays. Sadly, a lot of this is out of our control and hurting our small local business.

If you ordered an in-stock item with us, please know that our team is working hard to ship out all orders from our warehouse as soon as possible in the order they were received. Once left our warehouse, these orders are then dropped off at our shipping carrier's location, where they then await sorting, shipment and delivery to you by the shipping carrier company. Sadly, once a package leaves our warehouse, we no longer have any control over the shipment process and we also sadly do not have any control over any potential shipment delays with them. 

If you ordered an out-of-stock backorder with us, I want to let you know that we have already used the payment from your order to fund the production and manufacturing of the product(s) for your order. We currently have a bunch of orders being shipped out as we speak, and many more still in the production & manufacturing phase. We estimate all backorders will be shipped out within 30-60 days (at the latest) from your order date. Below are a few images showing the current production & manufacturing process, one of these might be your exact order!

This has no-doubt been a hard year and a hard time for small local businesses. We are working 12+ hour shifts 7 days a week as a team to catch up on orders and to try to get packages out to you as soon as possible. We are a small family-operated mom-and-pop local business, and are definitely being hit hard with these delays. Our team has been receiving some very hurtful emails, demanding refunds and threatening bank disputes. I, Richard, as the owner of our small local PortaCharge company, want to reach out and let you know we are trying our absolute best to get orders delivered, given the current situation and circumstances. Since we are a small local business and not a large corporation, we use the payment for backorders to immediately fund the production and manufacturing of your product(s). This sadly means that we simply cannot issue refunds or cancellations at this time, as we have already put your payment towards the production of your backorder and plainly do not have the funds to support it. We absolutely hate disappointing people, but really hope you can see where we are coming from and we really hope you can be understanding under the current circumstances. I would also like to personally offer compensation to any customer who does experience a delay with their order, to try our absolute best to help make up for it and to show our respect to you as a customer. Feel free to email me directly at richard@portacharge.com , and either myself, or a member from our team will get back to you as soon as possible with a complimentary gift.

Thank you so much for your understanding, and thanks for choosing PortaCharge. I want to thank each and every one of you, as without you as a customer, we are not a business.

PortaCharge | Family Business Owner